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Q1: I want to visit the exhibition. How and when can I apply?

A1: You can request free "Exhibition Tickets" online anytime before the show, and the tickets will be either sent to you or downloadable, upon receipt of your information. To request free "Exhibition Tickets", visit the following page and complete the form. Upon admission, you need an invitation ticket and several business cards.

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* This exhibition is held for business purpose. (Please note that the general public and those under 18 years old are not admitted to enter.)
* JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.

Q2: How much is the admission fee for the exhibition?

A2: The admission fee is JPY 5,000 if you do not have an Exhibition Ticket. To apply for FREE Exhibition Tickets, visit the following page and complete the form.

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Q3: Is a VISA necessary to enter Japan?

A3: Whether or not a visa is necessary in order to enter Japan varies by your nationality. For details, please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" on the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

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For particular details, please contact your nearest Japanese diplomatic mission directly. Please note that Show Management does not support visitors with VISA.

Q4: I have an Visitor Ticket for LIFESTYLE Week . Can I enter ISOT and other concurrent shows as well?

A4: Yes. The admission badge you will receive in exchange for the visitor ticket is valid for the all concurrent shows.

Q5: How do I get to the venue?

A5: Click the following link and refer to the transport access information.

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Q6: How and when can I make a hotel reservation for the show?

A6: Jump to "Hotel Info" page from the link below.

*This page will be up approximately 3 months before the show.

Q7: How do I get my name on the mailing list for future information?

A7: E-mail us at " lifestyle-eng.jp@rxglobal.com " with the following subject line: "Add me to the Mailing List for LIFESTYLE Week".

Q8: Is the admission badge valid during the exhibition period?

A8: Yes. Once you complete the registration procedures and receive your badge on-site, you are free to leave and re-enter the venue during the 3-day exhibition period.

Q9: Lost the Exhibition Ticket. What should I do?

A9: Please apply for the Exhibition Ticket again from the following website.

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Q10: How can I find out more about the LIFESTYLE Week exhibitors?

A10: Jump to "Exhibitor & Product Search" from the link below.

*This page will be up approximately 3 months before the show.

Q11: How can I contact the LIFESTYLE Week exhibitors?

A11: For the purpose of arranging on-site meetings with exhibitors, you can contact them directly. Please see "Exhibitor & Product Search" for information on exhibitors, e.g. e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

*This page will be up approximately 3 months before the show.

Q12:Is there free Wi-Fi available at the show?

A12: Please visit the official Big Sight for details about other Wi-Fi services.

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Q13:Can I leave my luggage at the venue?

A13: Yes. Cloakrooms and coin lockers are available on-site. Please refer to the floor map of the show venue.

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Q14: Can I visit the exhibition with my children?

A14: This exhibition is held for business purpose, therefore any of those who are under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the exhibition. 

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Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.